What We Do

This is what it's all about - activities that offer challenge, excitement and adventure and the knowledge you pick up along the way through structured lectures and first-hand experience.

Don't worry about being thrown in at the deep end. You’ll join us as a trial, when you get to know the other cadets and start basic training. You then get gradually introduced to activities as you progress, so you can make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Just some of the many activities available to cadets in the Air Training Corps are shown below:

Flying - Members of the Air Cadet Organisation (Or ACO for short) can take to the air in the Grob G115 Tutor. This aircraft is operated by the 'Air Experience Flights' of the RAF's No.6 Flying Training School and are located up and down the country. Our local AEF is No.2 AEF located at MoD Boscombe Down - an aircraft testing base in Wiltshire. On their first flight, cadets can expect to take control of the aircraft and feel the effects that moving controls has on it. In following flights, cadets can choose to experience the joy of some aerobatics - firstly by watching how the pilot does it and then controlling the aircraft themselves.

Shooting - Cadets can learn the art of target shooting from our teams of qualified firearms instructors. All shooting is conducted in a disciplined manor with safety being to top priority. With everything from range days to residential weekend shooting camps and even blank firing battle courses lasting seven months, the world of shooting is wide open for any cadet who wishes to experience it.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Cadets have the opportunity to complete the DofE award with us at greatly reduced cost to completing it with a school or public DofE group. From training to equipment and assessors, the ACO can provide almost everything. Our squadron alone has seen more than 30 cadets pass some level of the award in the past few years with a handful making it all the way to Gold.