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Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers

Cadet Senior Non-Commissioned Officers:

Cadet SNCOs are senior cadets who have taken on a greater management role within the squadron. Although they are still cadets, their role in leading the squadron is crucial and allows the junior cadets to enjoy the activities they do.

 Senior Cadet
Cadet Warrant Officer Ed Cooper

CWO Cooper is overall responsible for the Cadet NCO team as well as maintaining discipline throughout the squadron.

Training NCO
Cadet Flight Sergeant Dan Cass

FS Cass is the cadet in charge of all training. He co-ordinates the training program and sets exams. He has a dedicated team of Instructor Cadets who teach lessons in the various classes.

DofE Coordinator
Cadet Flight Sergeant Joel Hopwood

A qualified DofE assessor himself, FS Hopwood is in charge of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme for the squadron. From submitting evidence reports to providing expedition training, he ensures that cadet get the best opportunities they can.

Cadet Junior Non-Commissioned Officers:

Cadet JNCOs are experienced cadets who have been with the squadron for a few years. Their role is typically to be an example to the cadets and to encourage them to pursue all of the opportunities within the Air Training Corps.

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