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Meet the Team

Uniformed Members of Staff:

'The Boss'
Flt Lt Tony Gear

As the OC, Flt Lt Gear is overall in charge of the squadron, reporting to 'Wing' headquarters in Hampshire. He oversees all of the day to day operations of the squadron and organises the activities out side of parade nights.

Having served in the Royal Air Force for 35 years as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, he is an expert on RAF life and has used that experience to greatly improve the squadron since he became the commanding officer 2 years ago.

Deputy OC
Flt Lt Ian Rose

Flt Lt Rose is the second-in-command of 1024 Squadron, he has his ears to the ground and acts as a bridge between the commanding officer and the cadet NCOs. He has previously been the OC so has a keen insight into how the ATC works.

Civilian Instructors:

'The Adj'
CI Ann Lovejoy

CI Lovejoy is the squadron adjutant. She is in charge of administration, keeping records up to date and pretty much everything that comes on paper. Her dedication to the squadron means that the uniformed staff and other CIs can focus on giving the cadets the experiences that come with the cadet forces.

Training Officer
CI Sam Reed

CI Reed is in charge of overseeing the training program run by the cadet NCOs. Having been a cadet at the squadron herself she has a keen insight into the squadron and is able to see things from a cadet's perspective.

Media Officer
CI James Reed

CI Reed's job at the squadron is to maintain a professional looking media front with our Facebook and Twitter accounts. As another ex-cadet, he has been through the squadron and has now returned as a member of staff.